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Updated: Jul 1

In this first blog, we are going to discuss all things dogs. Every month there will be a different topic on dogs; from a dog saving the life of a stranger to being emotional comforter to their parents as well as a complete strangers, dogs have become healers in many ways. We will discuss nutrition for dogs, training, rescue dogs, emotional support dogs and you will have an opportunity to pick a topic you would like to have discussed or want more information on.

‘DOG’ spelled backward is ‘GOD’.  In recent years, dogs have become like gods in this society and some dogs are loved more than children are. Dogs do not answer back and they offer more love than human beings do. Dogs are loyal and always present in times of need, and dogs offer unconditional love without judgment.

Today we are going to focus on how our pooches can sometimes be our hero when we are in danger and have saved the lives of their master under times of duress.  The hero dog of the day does not have a name but will save the life of a total stranger. This dog saved the life of Saint Roch. Today is the feast day of saint day of Saint Roch who is the patron saint of Dogs. His story is remarkable and in that when all human beings turned their backs on him one dog, a total stranger, at that visited him every day to lick his wounds (the licking miraculously healed his wounds) and bring him a loaf of bread.  That dog, sent by GOD acted the part of a guardian angel; the dog was loyal to the end, never leaving his new master’s side. Are you Ready for a dog?


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