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Breed of the week

Breed of the week: Dogo Argentino

The 195 breed of the AKC American kennel club. 

Dogo Argentino were just added to the AKC breed list in 2020. They are fighting dogs that are originally from Argentina. They are a band in New York, but a breeder in New York tried to sell me one, last year. I have met and played with a few very cute Dogo pups. They are considered to be one of the most aggressive breeds in the world. Dogos  are not recommended for first time pet owners. (they will dominate or bite you). Please be diligent when buying or adopting a dog. Always, check with local authorities before purchasing or adopting a dog. Know your breed before inviting it into your home or getting attached to it and then having to rehome it. It is not fair to the dog to be put away or put down because of its natural genetic behavior. 

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