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Are you Ready for a dog?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

What are the reasons for acquiring a dog?

A person may like to bring a dog to accompany, but does not necessarily have a love for the dog, or may not demand love from the dog.

Things to consider before getting a dog: 

1. Finance:

You can put aside $400 to $600 for a professional dog walker, monthly!

2. Time

Time factor is important for training and developing a bond of trust and friendship with dogs. Keeping a dog is not as important as the time it takes to train it.

3. Size of the dog

A medium-sized dog needs a little less space than a giant breed, but it's delicate. However, medium to large dogs are best for active lifestyles.

4. The breed that fits your personality

Every breed of dog has some distinct personality traits. Before acquiring a dog, look out for its personality traits, if it is similar to yours.

5. An adult dog or a puppy?

Puppies are more suitable for training than adult dogs, because the adult has to unlearn and relearn already acquired behaviors.

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